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Traffic Jam Reboot

Through inspiring profiles, LMC is poised to recapture the joyful zest of immersive city-goes-country adventures. We'll share stories of the tireless work, boundless creativity, unwavering passion, and innovation that personifies a commitment to rural life. 

What lessons and insights might our creators glean by embarking on quests to learn new skills while challenging their assumptions about living and working far from bright city lights? 

By celebrating and learning from our differences and recognizing our shared values, we hope the winding roads between city and rural life will be more traveled, appreciated, and understood. 

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In Good Service

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Even when you are a grown woman and a mother yourself, losing your mom is heartbreaking and can leave you feeling unmoored. There isn't a shortage of experiences where her absence isn't profoundly felt. MomMe will follow a group of women embarking on a journey to help fill the voids of what they feel has been lost. Each will be paired with a sage woman who will mentor, comfort, and encourage. These sages will be on the other end of that "I wish I could talk to mom" phone call.

More coming soon
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